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Christian Aid Week May 10th -16th

Christian Aid Week is going to look very different this year! The usual House to House collections cannot take place but please, instead, visit our Just Giving page and make a donation there. The need is greater than eve

Christian Aid Prayers:

 This is the right time

In various ways people have been speaking of learning from this time of lockdown. Some have spoken of finding a new quietness in their lives, of listening to the birds and the wonder of nature. Many have observed about how better the environment is with less pollution from cars and planes-and pictures from various cities have demonstrated this. Our prayers this week is that we might listen to the sign of the times and seize the opportunity that this gives us to make long lasting changes to the way we live for the betterment of all, particularly those who are most affected by climate change.

Lord our God, creator and redeemer of all that is, inspire our leaders to take decisions that will learn from these times to improve our environment and help us to have the courage to live according to your will and purpose.