May is not only the month of two Bank Holidays, the FA cup final and gathering nuts. If you live in Kings Langley you will have a visit from a representative of one of our local churches this month. May is when Christian Aid Week happens. For the past sixty years the house to house collection has given hope, life, food, shelter, medicine and more to some of the world’s poorest people – no matter their race, faith or belief. It also gives you and I the chance to make a small difference across the world without leaving the comfort of our homes.

There is much more to Christian Aid that this – and much more to our churches too.

Religion is not always good of course. Then sometimes it is blamed for the actions of people who abuse, corrupt and misrepresent it. That religion is the root of all evil and the cause of most wars is also a popular, if minority, view. Clearly you do not have to be Christian or religious to do good, be kind or indeed unkind yet Christians are actually responsible for a whole lot of good in our world.

This is not because we are trying to work our way into heaven or God’s good books.

I do not know any Christian who is perfect or anything like it but I do know many who have experienced the love of God and can now love others in a new and deeper way. Not only the world’s poor but also their husbands, wives, partners, parents, children and friends. We are not especially religious in our churches and most of us don’t want to be. Rather we believe it is possible to know and be known by God. And in the words of the Bible; we are able to love now more than we were before because we have experienced and know His love in our lives.


Christian Aid Prayers:

Give thanks for Christian Aid week

Last week at our United Service we prayed for all the activities that would be taking place nationally and locally during Christian Aid week. This week we give thanks for all that God has enabled us to do as thousands have taken part in many different activities to show their commitment to the poor and a different world. Please now pray for all those at Christian Aid’s Area National offices as they decide between a multitude of needs as to how to use the money best.

Christian Aid Week: Grateful thanks

Thanks you to everyone who has been part of this in any way. Those who have organised, delivered and collected envelopes, given money, baked cakes, donated plants and prayed. Heartfelt thanks to you all. If you used the red wool and tied nots in it this week, please do hand in to your local representative so we can send it off and by doing so show how we are working together with others.

Read the April 2017 Campaign Update from our Christian Aid Committee.

The Kings Langley Christian Aid Annual Report for 2016 is available for download.