It’s pancake time of year! Growing up this was a day to savour in my family. Looking back I can’t work out why we didn’t have pancakes more often. We loved them and they weren’t that decadent with only sugar and lemon juice as topping, or fillers, depending on whether you eat flat, folded or rolled; rolled for me.

Shrove Tuesday as it’s also known held no religious or spiritual significance for me as a child and young teenager. I didn’t grow up going to church. Now that I am a Christian and awake to my spiritual side it is strange but in some ways Pancake Day means less to me now than it did then. Spiritual observances can be helpful to guide us or remind us of something more to life, something deeper and more significant. Just eating pancakes is unlikely to make you more spiritual though. A shame I know.

Lent is the season that begins on Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday. Lent also is just a guide, a memory jogger. It recalls Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness and helps us to focus on preparing to celebrate Easter which this year occurs at the end of March and beginning of April.

The churches in Kings Langley will be observing Lent, joining together in united Lent Courses, remembering Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and then gathering together in the village garden for an 8am communion service on Easter morning, the 1st April.

In all of this we are not just perpetuating an ancient tradition; we are not just going through the religious motions. We are celebrating the living faith that is about being at peace with God, with others and with ourselves. High days and Holy Days can be a useful tool but it is our faith in God that brings real joy and fulfilment. You are welcome to explore or celebrate this faith with us at any of the churches in Kings Langley. A few pancakes along the way are always welcome too!

Rev'd Matthew Cooper, Christ Church Baptist


Christian Aid Prayers:

…for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing at all during those days, and when they were over, he was famished. Luke 4:2
Please pray for the Count Your Blessings Lent resource to transform hearts and minds as we journey towards Easter. Give thanks for Christian Aid partners across the world who are working to support internally displaced people, of whom there are more than forty million, representing two-thirds of all the world’s displaced people. Pray that these people, so often overlooked, get the attention and support they need.
O Lord. In these Lenten days as we count our blessings, bring healing to those who have had lent forced upon them. Amen.

Christian Aid: £11,400 raised last year!

We are so grateful for the excellent total of £11,400 raised last year for Christian Aid and thank everyone who had a part in this. This year is a real milestone for Christian Aid in Kings Langley in that it will be our 50th Anniversary. We will be celebrating this with a very special service at Kings Langley Senior School on 22 April when the guest speaker will be Dr. Rowan William’s.

Quiz night raises £1,004 for Christian Aid

In 2018 we shall be 50! See our new documentry film.

Read the Winter 2017/18 Campaign Update from our Christian Aid Committee.

The Kings Langley Christian Aid Annual Report for 2016 is available for download.