Please pray for the ongoing work in Afganistan

Christian Aid:


Recent reports on BBC news have focused again on the desperate situation in Afghanistan. Christian Aid is part of the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) appeal and in their latest update they have shared what they are doing there:

‘Since the appeal launched in December 2021, our partners have reached people with food, nutrition and hygiene kits as part of our DEC emergency response.

We'll be continuing to assist the most vulnerable - including those displaced by conflict - in Nagarhar, Kunduz, Kabul, Badghis, Laghman and Herat, through three local partners (which we haven't named, for their protection). Through two partners we aim to reach around 17,000 people with food packages and provide over 850 pregnant women, new mothers, and malnourished infants with additional nutritional support.’

Please pray for the ongoing work there and also the political response that Governments will act with justice and compassion.

You can give to the Christian Aid appeal here: